Stop the killing of dogs by serbian hunters!

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Stop the killing of dogs by serbian hunters!

There are many dogs which live in this shelter. 
Each month, many dogs are killed by local hunters who appear to be using them as living targets.
Members of the Serbian parliament who represent Loznica always speak against stray dogs whenever they have the opportunity. 
They never speak out about the irresponsible owners; those who care nothing about their animals and do not get them sterilised; thus continuing to add further to the stray animal numbers when they reproduce.

These same members of the parliament ask for all stray dogs to be killed.

When Serbian animal activists brought a criminal charge about this issue, hunter %u2018training%u2019 on shelter animals was stopped for around two to three weeks. 
Because the police have done nothing further and the city inspectors have not acted as a result of the charge, things appear to be going back to how they were %u2013 hunters using shelter animals as targets; a kind of %u2018canned hunting%u2019.
Public garbage firms who are responsible for the catching of stray animals throughout Serbia are given millions from the public purse. Cats and dogs are continually caught %u2013 cats are killed immediately and the dogs are thrown into so called %u2018shelters%u2019 before they are taken away and killed.

Maybe some of these animals have now been killed by being used as living targets by the local hunters.
Below is a sample letter relating to this case and the non enforcement of serbian national legislation for strays since 2005
Legislation which the government are now attempting to overturn in order that they can legally continue to kill strays, even though they have been committing illegal activities by doing this since 2005. 
You can copy this sample letter and send to the Serbian government, the Enlargement Commissioner, and also to the OIE for World animal health, who are based in Paris. 

Please spread this word around and share it!
Thank you so much,

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