Gerechtigkeit für diesen Esel der von einem Bagger getötet wurde

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Gerechtigkeit für diesen Esel der von einem Bagger getötet wurde

Passanten waren der Meinung dass der Tollwut habe.

Darum hat man den Esel einfach mit dem Bagger getötet. Selbst wenn er tatsächlich Tollwut hatte, hätte man ihn einschläfern müssen.

Diese drei Petitionen richten sich gegen die, die das getan haben.

Bitte unterzeichnen und teilen !! und seht Euch das Video besser nicht an !!!

[sc:videoneu youtubeid=“Dp6L8pQBoks“ jahr=“2014″ monat=“07″ url=“gerechtigkeit-fuer-diesen-esel-der-von-einem-bagger-getoetet-wurde“ ]


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✦Until today there’s been no persecution and no judgment✦ !!!! The only „crime“ this poor donkey has committed.. was to eating some grass on the roadside !! 
✦About the Video:Broadcast story from HBC „justice for animals“
On 8 august 2011 at churu District,Rajasthan Donkey killed by a Bulldozer machine! 
The video footage shows that the donkey was pushed and pulled to ground before being crushed to death by a bulldozer. The killing reportedly took place because some local residents thought the donkey might have rabies because the donkey had been examining a dead dog—even though this behavior is not a confirmatory symptom of rabies.
In Churu, India a donkey was brutally killed by way of a bulldozer for fear of the animal having rabies. This unnecessary and cruel act was ordered by Govind Mhansariya, Chair of Nagar Parishad, Churu district. Please urge Vikas S. Bhale, the district magistrate of Churu to take action against this officer for this illegal and inhumane act.
A donkey was seen wandering the streets and investigating a dead dog in the district of Churu, India. Onlookers mistakenly believed the donkey must be rabid, rather than starving to death, since he was picking at the dog corpse even though this is by no way an identification of a rabid donkey. The animal was then ordered to be killed by Govind Mhansariya, Chair of Nagar Parishad, Churu district. The poor, defenseless donkey was then pushed and pulled around numerous times before ultimately being bulldozed to the ground, causing it to suffer a prolonged and agonizing death.
Torturing an animal is illegal and punishable by law in India since 1960 when animal cruelty laws were established. The laws also require proper veterinary care and if deemed necessary, the humane euthanasia of animals found to be suffering or ill. Please urge Vikas S. Bhale, the District Magistrate of Churu, to bring legal action against Govind Mhansariya for ordering the cruel and barbaric killing of this donkey.

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